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Inkling About Design is a graphic design studio specialising in brand creation for genuine startups, who believe their business deserves to be represented by an honest, high quality brand.

Many startups feel that the cost of investing in a quality logo and fully fleshed-out brand is too big of a hurdle for them, so they take their business to a graphic designer offering “cheap” logos in the hope that it will suffice.

Unfortunately, what they may not realise, is that by doing this they end up paying a much greater long-term cost… not just in their overall business image, but financially too!

Investing in a quality brand establishes a business in terms of recognisability in the marketplace; it also means that the brand will have longevity to grow with a business, rather than needing a major (disruptive and expensive!) overhaul down the track.


Inkling About Design offers a range of branding and graphic design packages that allow startups the opportunity to:


> work with a dedicated graphic designer who takes a genuine interest in their business and goals

> invest in a quality brand from the outset (including a logo and branding guidelines, plus a variety of other branding collateral)

> divide the overall cost of their graphic design package into a manageable payment plan

> access Inkling About Design brand review services for the duration of that plan


This means that when it comes to implementing their brand across all the different marketing and advertising channels, they aren’t just given a logo and left to fend to for themselves… Inkling About Design continues to provide support and fine-tuning to ensure their brand is working for them.

“As a graphic designer, I do what I do because I love to help clients get their businesses off to the best possible start! I believe it is incredibly important that a client feels a great sense of pride in the brand representing their business.

And it means the world to me when - in one or three or six months’ time - I hear back from them saying that their customers comment on, recognise, love and respond to their brand!”

At Inkling About Design, graphic design is all about laying the foundation for business success. And that foundation?

A great BRAND.

So contact Inkling About Design today to find out how a high-quality brand for your new business IS an achievable goal!




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